23 July 2011

zte N75 smartphone tips and trick

zte N75 smartphone has a design that convincing as a smart phone. Both in terms of design, color and quality of material used. Phone body entirely wrapped with a black color, which in addition to create an impression of sturdy also displays an elegant impression. The size is rather large, but still within the limits of tolerance comfort grip.

zte N75 smartphone's Keypad become one of the best parts of this phone. Its qwerty keypad buttons, not only of medium size, but also has room enough loose spacing between the keys. It helps ease the finger to reach the button, and minimize errors on the button-press which is common if the location of buttons too close together.

The portion of the screen look smaller when compared with the entire body, with body size  of  zte N75 smartphone 114 x 66mm, the screen only gets 50 x 38 mm. Despite having a qwerty keypad and navigation button, the screen adopts the touch screen as well. Thus, the menu can be accessed via the screen with a stylus pen that has been prepared and is located on the top of the phone.

Characteristic of the Microsoft Windows operating system is to include both versions of Internet Explorer browser and mobile PCs. Well, in this mobile version has also been included, so we no longer need to install the browser application. Ease of internet surfing is equipped with quick access buttons are located next to the Windows key.

zte N75 smartphone's Messaging also includes a mainstay for professional workers. Within the scope of messaging, in addition to SMS and MMS, ZTE N75 comes ability to send and receive email in a variety of platforms like Outlook and POP. Email accounts can be synchronized by installing Microsoft ActiveSync.

3.2 Mpix camera quality is quite for a smartphone to capture a moment. Moreover, to accelerate the delivery of images to be shared via email or Facebook, the setting of 640 x 480 is enough even though the maximum that can be generated is 2048 x 1536 pixels. As the messaging features and Internet Explorer,  zte N75 smartphone's camere feature given a shortcut key to act quickly take a picture.

Not only adept at entertaining in a digital format (audio / video / streaming), FM Radio with analog broadcasts can also be captured with this handset. FM radio display interface is quite informative and comes with an auto search to find the frequency automatically. Wherever we are going to still be doing office activities, such as open, create, and edit office files like Word, Excel, and One note. Especially for Power Point, can only open the file only. And, of course, the fourth application is not complete as the desktop version, at least can perform general functions only.

In general, its performance should get a thumbs-up, especially with streaming players are supported EVDO connection. Support 528 Mhz processor with a speed behind the reliability of ZTE N75. While the basic function as a telephone device are also going well. There's no constraint when it is used to receive or make phone calls.

Battery capacity 1300 mAh, according to the manufacturer is able to support up to 3 hours of talk time and standby time of up to 250 hours. In testing, the battery is good enough to offset the permissibility heavyweight features it bears. Within two days of testing the battery still remaining one bar of 4 bar.
(zte N75 smartphone review by selular)


Operating System: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Mobile Broadband with CDMA2000 1x EVDO Rev. A 1900, 900, 800 MHz, 3.1 Mbps & 1.8 Mbps Upload DownLoad (Already unlocked)
Display: TFT touchscreen. 65K Colours, 2.5 Inches, QVGA
Camera: 3.2 MP With Flash Light Auto Focus
GPS Support (Software Optional)
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0
Keypad: QWERTY Keypad
Internal Memory: 100Mb
Maximum Memory Capacity: 16 GB (MicroSD)
Jack audio ports: 2.5mm
Battery Capacity: 1300 mAh
Standby time: about 250 Hours (Depends On Network Status)
Talk Time: Approximately 240 Minutes (Depending on network status)

Application & Multimedia (Default): FM RADIO, WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER MOBILE, PDF Reader, Facebook for WindowsMobile, Office Mobile (MS.Word, Ms.Excel, Ms.. Outlook, Ms. Access), Internet Explorer 6.0, Streaming Player
Messenger: Windows Messenger, Windows Live.
Games: Solitaire
Supported Java Application
Internet Sharing: Make it easier to make this gadget into a modem (via USB or Bluetooth connection)
Unlock: sim card can use the other CDMA operators

zte N75 tips and trick, Changing Font

How to Change the Font

1. DOWNLOAD Total Commander

2. copy the font on the computer where the control panel> fonts. Copy to phone precisely in the windows> fonts (put it in storage card)

3. apps open total commander plugin click the> registry> HKML> system
4. open the folder GDI> sysfnt> nm (nm click and change the title font example "Algerian")

5. back to the folder is a folder underneath GDI GWe> menu> popfnt> nm (nm click and change the font address, examples of "windows / fonts / ALGER.TTF (because if transferred to the phone, the file name changed to ALGER.TTF")

6. back to the folder menu> Barfnt> nm (nm click and change the font address, examples of "windows / fonts / ALGER.TTF (because if transferred to the phone, the file name changed to ALGER.TTF")

7. back to the folder GWe> OOMFNT> nm (nm click and change the title font example "Algerian")

8. restart, and the font will change.

Note: if you want to go back to the old font, written in all who have been converted into "tahoma" font.

zte N75 tips and trick, lock GPS


tab HARDWARE => biarkan kosong (none)
baud rate => 4800
tab ACCESS => centang (Manage GPS automatically)

next Buka Program Google Maps

zte N75 tips and trick, Tweak registry

increase the volume In-Call more louder than default.

Go to the Registry go to:

HKCU \ control panel \ sound categories \ in call \
replace the "initial" volume to be 4 (default 2)
Soft Reset

Transferring Email and Attachments to the MMC

Sometimes the emails and attachments will satisfy the memory.

1. With Total Commander or Resco Explorer, create a folder in the MMC:
\ Storage Card \ Inbox \
\ Storage Card \ Inbox \ Attachments \
2. Go to \ Windows \ Messaging \ then move everything into the new folder you created.
3. entered into the registry:
HKLM \ System \ Inbox \ Settings \
Create a string "AttachPath" and enter "/ Storage Card / MAPI / Attachments /"
Create a "PropertyPath" and enter "/ Storage Card / inbox"
4. Soft Reset

stuck when taking pictures

HKLM / Software / HTC / Camera / Captparam \
Change "CaptureTimer" to "0"

saving camera setting

Saving the camera to the MMC, go to menu>> options>> save the file to "storage card".
Saving the camera to the MMC using the registry by default.

HKLM \ Software \ HTC \ Camera \ General \
change "enableDCIM" to "0".

Making the screen stays on when the call

HKCU / ControlPanel \ Backlight \
change "LightSensorPollingEnable" to "0"

Disabling notification message sent

HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Inbox \ Settings \
Create a string "SMSNoSentMsg" Set to 1

Changing the backlight timeout.

HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Power \ Timeou ts
change "BattSuspendTimeout" and "BattSuspendTimeoutSave"
enter numbers / time we want

Sending sms more than 10 people

HKLM \ System \ Inbox \ Settings \
change "LimitSMSRecipients" of 10 s / d 999, your choice

extended Battery life

Tips to save more battery tweaks:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Comm \ AsyncMac1 \ parms
change "DisablePowerManagement" = dword: 1 being "DisablePowerManagement" = dword: 0
Do the same for
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Comm \ Irsir1 \ parms
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Comm \ L2TP1 \ parms
change "DisablePowerManagement" = dword: 1 being "DisablePowerManagement" = dword: 0

zte N75 tips and trick, modem setting guide

Guide ZTE N75 as a modem

Dial Up Connection Settings
- Press Start -> Programs
- Select Internet Sharing
- Choose USB to PC Connection options
- Select the option Smart Network Connection
- Connect the Device to the USB port PC / laptop using Mini USB Data Cable
- Press Connect
- Automatically connect Device and PC is recognized as a LAN connection (Local Area Connection) new
- Make sure the new LAN is Connected Internet
start control panel -> network connection
- Dial Up connection settings have been completed and ZTE Device N75 is ready to use as a modem on a PC / Laptop.

Note: Check the status of the LAN connection on a PC

zte N75 tips and trick, hard reset

how to hard reset on zte N75

press right key + net key, then press the reset hole.
cool look of the boot will come out on the screen, then press ok.


press the FN key + left key, then press the reset hole.

FTM mode

press the volume down, then press the reset hole.

zte N75 tips and trick, disable activesync

why we must disable active sync? because it eat ram, and consume more battery resource.

1. enable ZTE N75
2. Go to START> PROGRAMS> ActiveSync.
3. Press Menu on the right of the screen ZTE N75. SCHEDULE click (not clickable). How do I get SCHEDULE options are clickable?

this way
- From the Menu options click the ADD SERVER SOURCE
-On the next screen can fill with anything.
- Server Address: be content with anything
- Click Next
- User name: can fill with anything
- Password can fill with anything
- Domain: be content with anything
- Click Next
- Uncheck 'Data you want to Synchronise'
- Click Finish

3. we have finished creating the server. ActiveSync main screen there is an additional 1 server that has been made.

4. Click Menu again. select SCHEDULE and click.

5. entered in the SCHEDULE, there are two options box. changed to the option Manually.

6.Klik OK on the upper right of the screen ZTE N75 to come out of the ActiveSync application.

7. done


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