21 June 2011

cdma inject tutorial without pc

previously I've made several inject cdma, to cdma mobile phone, but always failed. I finally have found away to easily inject cdma.  This according to personal experience. cdma mobile phone that I use is the HTC apache, or vx6700, based mobile phone windows mobile 6.5. for you who find it difficult to inject cdma, here I have made a tutorial inject cdma without pc. I hope this tutorial useful.

what we need is:

mdn (phone number. example: 0881 1234567)

min (10 number from the operator. example:
883 1234567)

and a-key (26 number from the operator).

min can be achieved by looking at cell phone cdma nam settings, provided the RUIM card is inserted. press # # 778 and view display MSID. number that we will use as a min. for a-key may ask the operator, but the condition RUIM card is taken by them. easy way, could we generated with software uimakey generator here.

inject cdma begins

press ##778 and edit. insert password 000000. you must remmember 3 number in there.
1. esn hex
2. msid
3. a-key

first edit msid as min (10 number) at display menu.
then insert a-key (26 number) at a-key menu
insert mdn (phone number.example 0881 1234567 without 0. example 881 1234567)
at nam setting menu.

min1 : last 7 number msid
min2 : first 3 number msid
msid : as min
mcc : 510
mnc : 09
at nam setting menu.
the other parameter will follows after changing.

home sid/nid: 10608/65535

updated prl with smart evdo 10009 at prl setting menu

hdr an auth user id : min@smart-telecom.net.id
password: (esn hex)

ppp user id : min@smart-telecom.net.id
password: (esn hex)

remmember mdn or min@sinarmas-telecom.net.id no usefull now.

m.i.p setting :
nai: min@smart-telecom.net.id

m.i.p setting costumer profile:
nai: min@smart-telecom.net.id

done and close with restart.
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