05 November 2010

restore opera mini on ZTE C261 and HAIER C700

After fixed ZTE C261 factory test mode (FTM) on the LCD, automated phone can not be in use. that mean opera mini may occurs on it. you may use easycdma softwares that trial and buy do so. or you may use freeware software like QPST - RF NV manager is used for transfer data to system rom on ZTE C261. you can do it your self for free here.

following solution:

Install EasyCDMA

1. Easy Install CDMA v1.96 input registers (or other version)

2. CDMA Easy Open v1.96> Port Configuration File> Refresh> OK

3. Connect to select phone> OK wait until unreadable files on the phone all

4. Drag and drop to open EasyCDMA explore and open in the extract Haier C700 - ZTE C261 System. then copy each file from extract the results into the existing phone system menu in EasyCDMA. create your own folders if there are files / folders are missing. because in EasyCDMA system that can not be copied from the other, turn off the phone and on again.

Opera Mini is usually normal again

see tutorial video how to fix it from me.

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