28 June 2011

tarif internet smart 2011 (smartfren)

Smart operators have now joined the fren operator, became smartfren. tariff has also been changed (become more expensive), what happens when CDMA operators equate the tariff, with a gsm carrier? smart customer would not move to another carrier?

Smartfren PT Telecom, Tbk. is a provider of telecommunication services operator based on CDMA technology that is licensed cellular and limited mobility (fixed wireless access), as well as having coverage of CDMA EV-DO network (mobile network with 3G broadband equivalent) is the largest in Indonesia. Smartfren is also the first telecom operator in the world to provide CDMA EV-DO Rev. B (equivalent to 3.5 G with download speeds up to 14.7 Mbps) and the first CDMA operator to provide Blackberry service.

Services and service smartfren have values ​​(values) that is as the best partner for customers by offering intelligent solutions in telecom services to enhance the life experiences of customers in communicating.

As CDMA operators that provide high-speed mobile Internet network (mobile broadband) the largest in Indonesia, smartfren committed to being a provider of affordable telecommunications services for people with the best quality.

The following explanation:

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