22 July 2011

Tutorial unlock phone without PC or Laptop

 A PDA phone becomes an important part of your life whether you are a student or business professional. It allows you to keep track of upcoming meetings, tasks and projects. Some have even advanced over the years, allowing you to email your colleagues, surf the Web and share documents. However, you cannot use a PDA if you find that yours has a lock on it. Do not get rid of that phone just yet. There are a few ways of unlocking the PDA yourself.
Find unlock codes on the Internet at websites such as Fones Zone, PDA Unlocker and The Travel Insider. Locate the unlock code by your PDA's brand name and model number.

Contact your cell phone provider. Tell the representative that you need to unlock your phone. Verify that you are the owner of your PDA by providing your full name, address, telephone number and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Enter the code into your phone once prompted. Verify that you entered the right code into your PDA. Press "OK" or the menu button when complete. You should now be able to use your PDA.

1. Make sure the hh (Handheld) turned on, not flight mode, then enter in hh EPST menu. Make each handset type & operator, the dial keypad to be different. For example Verizon TP1, press ##7764726# (## PROGRAM #). While Sprint TP2 code ##778# (##PST#), after is replaced by the ROM Energy, use code ##778.

2. After entry into EPST menu, View ESN (HEX) code. to test our phone lock or not, try to select edit and enter the unlock code standard, which is 000000. if successful, means the unlock code was used.

to know the unlock code to edit the registry.

Install a registry editor for windows mobile. you may use Resco explorer, ceregeditor, PHM registry editor, mobile registry editor, etc.

Open the registry editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ HTC \ ATDbgLog.
Change the contents of the registry "Enable" from "o" to "1" (without the quotes). Save & restart hh.

After the restart, can be checked in file explorer, will appear ATDbg file *. txt (* = number) in the folder \ Atlog. if not just look at folder \ Temp.

Wait a few minutes, open the registry editor, go back to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ HTC \ ATDbgLog. change "1" to "0". Save & restart hh.

Open the *. txt file ATDbg, look for the "Rx: + HTC_RMSL:" 6 digits are written afterwards, it is our MSL code. if there is some repetition RMSL and 6 different digits, record everything and then try.

3. EPST entry, record the number ESN (Hex), of which we submitted to the operator. purchase number, we will be able to have a MIN. The operator will register your ESN + MIN to the database, and produce A-Key is that we must insert to hh.

4. Prepare the PRL file from the intended operator, eg smart PRL 10 009. save as native format (*. PRL) in the memory card / hh internal storage.

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NIAVARAN said...

I have been searching all over to find infos on working with smart phones i.e HTC's... But, I've never, "EVER" seen anything remotely close to your page, and the way you power pointed so complete and exceptonaly easy to fallow down to the "T" ... All I can say is just Bravo to you and keep saying,, that U R JUST AMAZING... THANK YOU TO THE POWER OF SQUARE 10 ...... :)