12 October 2010

smart modem zte c261 at top speed

smart modem ZTE C261 and C700 Haier is a new product from smart-telecom which was introduced in 2009. after you see my previous review here, now I will discuss on the smart modem speed test. weak signal problems are common. then I will provide a solution by adding a coil of copper wire in the usb cable.

updated desember 2011

after a while I wore the C261. it depends on connection speed usb cable. when the usb cable C261, error, or there are wires that are not connected then the speed of C261 decreased. I have tried with some usb cable, usb cable can only be made ​​stable. but if you buy a good usb cable (expensive), then the cable will be durable in use.

See picture below.

image signal before adding loops and image signal after the addition of coils. note: Do not put a smart modem ZTE C261 below a height of 1 meter. because I've read if the signal would be weakened under 1 meter due to the effects of gravity

solution to speed the addition of the ZTE C261 is usually by adding software such as cfospeed, dns server, or by tweaking firefox / internet explorer. or by adding addon.

but in fact make the weight performance of the Internet browser itself. so the solution should not add anything. enough from the system default and if you like to download using IDM as an addon. because idm will break the connection to 16.
see the performance of smart modem ZTE C261 with my internet explorer from windows 7 with the default system. loading speed range 2 -4 seconds to open a website. (watch video on youtube that I uploaded below the post). IDM download speeds up to 45 kbps at top speed, See picture below.

for average speed was 24 kbps.

actual average speed for the smart modem ZTE C261 15-20 kbps, because working at 153 Kbps, which means it is the division of 8 Kbps connection. so if your modem speed is only 153 Kbps, the average speed rating is 153:8 = 20 kbps (this is supported by a strong signal). if your modem smart signal is weak then the speed will be reduced from 20 kbps.

below is a screenshot of setting IDM.

if you want to look smart modem ZTE C261 at top speed, please see the file that I uploaded on youtube

ZTE C261 from weak to strong signal

click here :


reload at www.google.co.id

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reload 1 at www.kaskus.us

click here :


reload 2 at www.kaskus.us

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