25 September 2010

Tips for buying second hand phone

Here are tips for buying second hand phone nokia:
For the average consumer brands many prefer brand serial nokia 3310, 2100.8250, 3610. In addition to its practical, its menu was easy to understand. No wonder though is not produced anymore and old, including mobile phone consumers are still many who wear them. For that I will give you tips to buy mobile phones in this type, you should consider are:
* Shop / counter sales, from there you can see how the number of products on sale notice on it if the phone is on the counter in large amounts can not be neatly accommodate the store was not a quality modem referred to here is the store that sold accommodate hp by people with hp which may ex-service weight, hp stolen, or deposit from another counter. There term "ngebom" that is, those who sell defective hp then serviced while normal for later be sold to a counter for selling hp in conter until the transaction occurs only lasted 20min. Then the counter for a while and then just check the box on display at the counter, of course, potential buyers who will be harmed.

* Price, which is the main requirement to buy hp used to price at each store would be different for the benchmark price you can see in the classifieds and then match the price in a store if the store is too expensive compared to prices in the classifieds just say " Your price above the market "from which you directly to offer the lowest prices, to the other before you can buy the survey from one store to store to compare the difference in accordance not with quality.

* Warranty, it is important whether it's official guarantee / warranty store, check first whether you will buy a cell phone to his official warranty is still valid. A good store warranty is the warranty period of 3 months.

* Battery, this is a scourge in buying used mobile phones, batteries into the drop (lowbat). There are tricks to find the batteries are still good or not first consider whether the flat surface of the battery / no?. If it does not mean (bubble), it means the batteries are worn should be replaced. The second is to play a voice menu, ringtones, call, vibration, mp3, if we play the menus within 2-5 minutes if the indicator marks a full battery and then you play the menu and suddenly there was a weak battery posts then found out it was worn out batteries.

* LCD, it is also important because this part quite expensive spare parts. While many are cheap but the quality is bad. The trick to know the best quality of LCD is still good or not you can check by looking at the surface of the LCD from left-right side Tasa down if somewhat dark color LCD or the LCD surface is uneven black spot like burning means the LCD is qualitasnya ugly and the former in service. There are other ways to see the best quality of the LCD by pressing the outer upper and lower LCD frame if the press and then release note whether the on-screen menus are still intact or has been blurred.

* See inside the body, look at the mica surface nodes in the keypad look at the cover bolts are visible cracks / still smooth?

* Seal, it's important to see if the hologram nokia seals still in place or have been released if it is disconnected or no longer exists, it means that hp was never in service.

* Signal signal, is the lifeblood of a mobile phone in many cases occurs nokia is no signal to signal damage his replacement spare parts just about 200ribu. But many tricked by serviced by way of lifting the signals for a while ago on sale. To check the signal there is a powerful way of using SYMPATHY card if you use the sympathy if the signal is visible up and down for too long may signal dilapidated. Because the signal is very easy sympathy appeal was arrested in another card.

* The cardboard packing and handbooks, match whether it really dus dus in accordance with the cell phone listed. To match between the boxes and mobile phones can be seen from the IMEI number listed behind the battery and in sampng box if the number is the same skewer. If different could be a mobile phone stolen.

Actually the other tips are still a lot but here I wrote that the core-core just for when you want to buy a secondhand mobile phones can get stuff that does not disappoint despite the warranty from the store. Yet here the quality remains No. 1 that we consider

2. Mobile Warranty

Check whether used or second mobile phone is still under warranty, which is still under warranty typically phones are phones that have more than one year from date of purchase of first-hand, you better choose to buy phones that are still in a state warranty, because more secure state cell phone. However, if the phone warranty period has expired or no longer warranty then you must thoroughly examine the circumstances in the former cell phone that you buy. Make sure also that the phone is not stolen cell phone by looking at the completeness of the used phones, including: the dos and the manual that came with the phone, also complementary accessories that sometimes also included when purchasing a new phone, for example: handfree.

3. Non-warranty or Black Market (BM)

Do not buy a phone that black market (BM), because the risk is often the case jamper on its PCB and if entered the program files (flash) on the original software is often the case "Contact Service" and other damages, and sometimes it is not biased restored so that the phone could not be used at all (Matot)

4. Physical Condition

Check out the conditions and the phone is it still in good condition and most importantly is not disabled. You should also open the phone casing is to ascertain whether the mobile phone has been dropped or had improved (the service). Note the condition of the LCD is still in good condition or has been blurred, also check keoriginalannya. After you check the condition of the phone, then the next turn on the phone, try all the buttons on the keypad if there is a stuck or even not working. Try pressing any number key on the keypad as much as possible and make sure the phone does not hang. Then make sure the functions on the menu all works fine, for example: ringtone, vibration, etc.

5. Signal

Make sure the phone signal is still good. Just compare similar phones with the same network card. If the phone when you try a sudden die alone so be careful, the phone is problematic, this could be due to battery and its weak IC Power

6. IMEI number

Check carefully whether the same all the IMEI number of the phone (usually printed on the back of the phone / behind the battery), the IMEI number on the program your phone (mobile machinery) and the IMEI number listed in phone boxes. This is done is to make you easier to sell this phone back later because the IMEI number has been fit all.

7. Battery

Battery is included on some phones the former certainly has the power of life (life time) is shorter, such as guard time (stand-by) and talk time (talk-time) will be shorter. Another case when the phone battery is new or you buy a new battery. To test the battery then do a call using a phone to call someone or call toll free in the long term.

8. Charger

Notice his charger. Usually that is not original charger its long process, otherwise the original fast charger of his process. Physical charger is heavier than the original that is not original. Longer than the original cable that is not original
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