26 September 2010

Tutorial Entrecard

New Users (Basics)

Congratulations, you've been accepted to join Entrecard's network. Here, we will teach you the basics of Entrecard to get you going for the first time. Make sure you are logged into entrecard.com before doing the following things below!

1) Other people are ready to network with you.

It's important that you place the Entrecard widget somewhere on the top of your site. Other members will visit your site and click “drop” on your widget. This is how they network with you! Make sure you site has good content in order to attract more visitors to your site.
2) Start networking with other sites.

You do this by going to entrecard.com > category or use our Toolbar for Firefox. Visit the sites and looking for the Entrecard widget and click on the “drop” button below the 125×125 ad. By doing this, you're letting the site owner that you visited their site and you're giving them your business card. You earn 1 EC (Entrecard credits) for each drop that you do! You can drop up to 300 cards per day!
3) Allow others to advertise on your site.

Notice that there is a 125×125 ad spot on the Entrecard widget. Users will pay you EC (entrecard credits) to advertise on your site. The ad price is set on a daily basis and the price to advertise on your site varies by demand. The more people that wants to advertise on your site, they higher the ad price will be (you do not set the price). We have an automated system that calculate the price. You earn 50% of ALL the advertising credits. The other 50% gets deleted from our system (Entreard does not keep them).
4) Promote your site and advertise your business.

Now, with all the credits you earn, you can use them to advertise on other sites in our network. Go to entrecard.com > category > browser > order_by=cheapest, and click on “advertise” on the site you want to advertise your business on. The price will advertise your business on their site for 1 day.

That's it! This is the basics for new users. Enjoy! :)

source: entrecard.com
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